Finding The Right Price For Rare Coins?


Are you holding a coin in your palm and wondering about its worth? Do you have a collection of old currency coins and planning to sell them off? We all come across these situations some or other time and the hunt for the right dealer should be backed with affirmation that you get a good price for it.

When selling rare coins the most important is getting the right price for it. Most dealers undervalue the numismatic coins and take advantage of the sellers.

Calculating its numismatic value

Rare coins are just about being old but holding a lot of value. They have their own beauty in craft. They have a history. It is this history and beauty of the coin that attributes value to the coin. Given that the right dealer would actually calculate the historical importance and intrinsic value of the coin that it has today it’s beneficial for the customers to go to the licensed dealers who calculate numismatic value.

Is it really rare?

All coins are valued on the basis of their value except currencies which are valued as per their denomination. Therefore any rare coin to hold value must be evaluated on the basis of its value to make a sale. Study for yourself if the coin you are trying to sell some importance or rarity to it to put up a price on it. The more is the rarity or demand for the coin – the more price one can get out of it.

Metals and their value

One of the dominant factors of determining price for the coins is the metals they have been made with. In the earliest of times the coins were made of gold. Today alloys of non-precious metals are used for currency coins. Even the gold coins of modern era don’t hold as much value as compared to the purity of the gold coins of historical era. Value of metals brings in more money.

Accepted currencies and exchanges

Not all dealers provide for exchange of rare coins with cash. Some might just offer an offer in kind or exchange of some other currencies. Anticipate the offer you are made and take relative decisions accordingly. One should though accept the currencies that work for them in their general business or might have value over the prevailing currency.

Rare coins get measures on the basis of their historical importance, beauty, use of metals etc. Approach worthy dealer and demand for the numismatic value to understand the price you can quote.